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More about me

Since 2012 I've been working with great pleasure as a presentation coach and a moderator (discussion leader, chairman of the day... whatever name seems fit).


Back in the day? By way of a kid's dream I briefly considered becoming a professional musician. Didn't happen. No regrets. Still making music though. 


Among other things I worked in a record store, for the government and for the fishing industry, in which capacity I was a spokesperson on topics such as sustainability, food-safety and quality control. In several of these capacities I learnt how to tell a good story and to find ways how to captivate an audience.

As a presentation coach I like to pass on the fun I have presenting to the people I work with. As soon as you discover that presenting is actually fun, your insecurities disappear! A nice challenge and one that I meet with a lot of pleasure. 

  • Coaching speakers at TEDx Hague Academy - in the context of the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague.

  • Various recurring trainings for the Scientific Council for Government Policy 

  • Coaching international management teams preparing to sell their company on the international market, including MEC3 (Rimini, Italy), Urgent Cargus (Bukarest, Romania) , Buysse & Partners (Antwerp, Belgium), Gilde (The Netherlands) en Duff & Phelps (London). 

  • Pitch coaching for contestants of Innovation competition at the ministry of Justice, Security and Defence (October-November 2016 en 2017)

  • In-company presentation training for Will & Co (for 16 productmanagers (June-October 2017)

  • Ongoing presentation training for staff  of Nuffic/Erasmus+ in The Hague (2019-2023)

  • Workshop "Making presenting fun" for staff of Cloudsuite in Houten, the Netherlands (November 2018 3x)

  • Individual trainings for ABN AMRO, Technical University Delft, Interpolis, international peace organisation, Espresso Gridpoint, PrimeVision, communication specialists Schuttelaar & Partners, Chantal Achterberg (olympic rowing champion), Bart Van Olphen (founder of Fishtales en cookbook author), Centre for Mathematics and Computer science, Ministry of Social Affairs

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