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Hi there, my name is Maarten Mens. Born in The Hague in the Netherlands and lived there most of my life. 


Since 2012 I've been working under my own name as a presentationcoach and moderator.

Everybody can be a presenter and even experienced speakers can suffer from nerves.

I can tell and teach you a lot about presenting. Moreover I can show you how much fun presenting can be!

Combined with your experiences we can choose a fitting program that tailors to your expectations and challenges in the best possible way. This can be by means of an individual training, a group training or specifically aimed at dealing with the media of preparing for a powerful pitch


Personal coaching for presenters 

Presentation training



Individual training

Timeframe by agreement

One-on-one approach, covering all aspects of presenting you want to work on, with full attention to your abilities

Group training

1 - 2 days

Training in workshop format for a group of up to 4 people. The participants act as audience as well and give each other feedback. Room for personal attention and learning from each other!

Pitch training

1 day

How do I convey my message in a brief and concise way and make it convincing? 


Learn how to be fully prepared to tell a great story in 5 minutes!

Media training

1-2 days

During this course among others we practise with different interview situations..


How do I prepare for an interview or press conference?

How do I deal with unexpected questions?

How do I stick to my own story? 

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